Reference Designs

Custom Sensor

Looking for a custom sensor solution? Accelerate time to market, shorten development cycles, and lower costs. BeBop Sensors’ experienced team of R&D engineers, application developers, fabricators, and UI/UX designers will create a custom intelligent sensing solution to address your business challenges based upon your specific project requirements.

Note Touch

BeBop Sensors’ Note Touch is a 16×16 flexible sensor array consisting of 256 individual sensors that interprets gestures and measures touch, pressure, and location. Transform any flat or curved surface into a touch surface that naturally blends into its environment. Improve your product’s aesthetics and usability by removing traditional buttons, knobs, and switches for sleek, programmable inputs.

Robotic Skin

BeBop Sensors’ intelligent sensing technologies provide robotics companies the ability to envision the next level of machine capabilities. Our solutions give robots human-like touch sensation for increased hand dexterity and object manipulation. Adding sensing ability to complex robotic geometries provides robots with human-like perception and skill.

Intelligent Mat

BeBop Sensors’ Intelligent Mat is a high resolution, flexible, multi-touch sensing mat panel that gives users the ability to monitor form and movement from a variety of physical activities. Whether you are refining yoga poses or seeking insight into posture or balance to analyze a health condition, the mat provides you with a unique perspective that can only be viewed from the ground up.

Smart Insole

BeBop Sensors’ Smart Insole uncovers new insights with a wearable device that understands a range of everyday activities. Gait, weight distribution, and other metrics show users how their feet are interacting with the ground. Using sensor fusion and AI/ML, users gain the ability to receive analysis and advice in real-time or post-activity. From ergonomics to athletics, the Smart Insole provides a versatile system for virtual monitoring, coaching, and more.