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BeBop’s intelligent fabric offers the Digital Health industry a new way of building human centered sensing experiences in real-time monitoring and physical behavior and performance analysis.

Most sensing devices today are designed from the outside-in; obtrusive, rigid, uncomfortable.  Fabric is purpose built for human forms, with the flexibility to move with us in the ways we move, whether in sickness or health.

Tempo Insole Reference Design

The Tempo Insole reference design provides manufacturers across a broad range of use cases to see how a more flexible, integrated, portable insole can open up new experiences for users in the areas of health that can be hard to support with other solutions that require too many tradeoffs.

Tempo is a fully integrated smart insole using intelligent fabric sensing at its core.  With an IMU, all-day battery, and Qi charging system all packed into the insole, designers can experience the dynamism of this solution without worrying about loose pieces of hardware or a frustrating charging experience.  Android and Web app visualizers are available for on the go or lab based data viewing and logging.

Image Tempo Insole Reference Design – User adjustable for sizes 9-12 US Mens; 8 sensing nodes, 16 mm x 32 mm each; embedded electronics under arch with Qi charging coil in heel.
Image Tempo Insole worn in shoe with visualizer. Live capture of sensor data during an athletic user interaction.

Tempo Insole Benefits


Portable, Wireless

Create a natural feeling solution with an integrated, wireless package you can take anywhere


Symmetry and Balance

Find key insights about how you favor sides or detect quality of balance


Steps and more

Track more than just step count for a more comprehensive look at how you move through your day


Health and warning vectors

Associate positive and negative metrics with specific movements or actions to avoid hazards and emphasize good form


High resolution monitoring

Detect micro patterns that might portend injury–from diabetic swelling to an athletic injury


Data for better outcomes

Knowledge is power, health is wealth. Data about the body brings mindfulness to everyday life

Tempo Key Features

  • Fully integrated design, accommodating sizes 9-12 US Mens (contact for sizes up to 15 US Mens)
  • Bluetooth LE wireless connection with up to 15m connectivity Plus 10 hour active battery life, with multi-day sleep life while in togglable low power mode
  • Low-profile design for replacing or adding beneath existing insole, depending on footwear

  • 8 sensor locations with responsive, dynamic foot mapping for activities across performance athletics, to diabetic foot episode sensing
  • 9-axis low power IMU for spatial tracking and impact data
  • Multi-platform SDK for mobile use on the go or desktop use in the lab