Next Gen Human Interaction

Give Your Next Innovation the Sense of Touch.


BeBop Sensors is an industry leader providing state-of-the-art customizable intelligent sensor technologies for next gen human interaction, robotics, health and wellness, AR/VR solutions and more for OEMs in existing and emerging markets.

From Concept to Commercialization


Step 1

Experience Our Reference Designs


Step 2

Develop Custom Requirements


Step 3

Deliver Customized POC


Step 4

Adjustments Prior to Commercialization


Step 5


BeBop’s 5-Step Process

BeBop Sensors Reference Designs

BeBop’s customizable reference designs allow technical teams and managers to experience our Intelligent Sensing Technologies (IST) firsthand and to develop their own specific product requirements. Inspire your next product innovation or imagine how to disrupt the market of a current product.

After developing your product requirements, our experienced team of R&D engineers, application developers, fabricators, and UI/UX designers will create a custom intelligent sensing solution to address your specific business opportunity with a proof of concept (POC). Upon successful completion of the POC, any adjustments are made prior to commercialization. See BeBop’s 5-step process above.

BeBop Sensors Capabilities

BeBop provides highly customizable intelligent sensing solutions to a cross-section of industries and Fortune 500 companies. We’ve designed, fabricated, and shipped millions of state-of-the-art smart fabric sensors. From concept to deployment, we can partner with you to create custom hardware and software, including APIs, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML).

Touch Interface to Any Surface

BeBop is changing the way people interact with their devices. BeBop’s IST introduces next gen human touch interaction by allowing you to use just about any surface to provide single and multi-touch gestures and 3D pressure as input to devices, eliminating traditional buttons, knobs, and switches. Use familiar gestures like taps, swipes, rotations, multi-touch and hard or long presses, or more complex gestures, like writing out a word on a forearm. Multi-touch inputs like combining multiple finger touchpoints and applied pressure provide additional ways to communicate with your device.

Intelligent Sensing

BeBop utilizes patented intelligent sensing technologies to receive high resolution, real-time, low noise, high signal data streams that can be optimized for targeted human interaction event information. These durable, ultra thin, lightweight sensors have the ability to work with curved surfaces, and can be integrated into many form factors and embedded beneath or within fabrics or other surfaces. Using BeBop’s customizable AI and ML to analyze and process data, you can obtain valuable actionable insights and add significant value.

Sensor Fusion

BeBop provides the ability to interface across multiple platforms and edge devices as well as plug-and-play capabilities into other fusion sensor systems through included APIs. Combining the inputs from sensors , such as 9 DOF IMUs, and our pressure sensitive fabric into one system, allows BeBop to provide a more comprehensive view of the measured human interaction.

Delivering Full Solutions to the Markets of the Future

Human Interaction

Introducing the Next Evolution in Human Interaction

Turn any surface into a touch interface.

Health and Wellness

Technology to Empower Human Wellbeing

Developing the intelligence platforms to usher in new frameworks for health and wellness.


Machines Look and Listen. Now They Feel

Providing new approaches to robotic collaboration that demand elevated forms of perception.


Enabling You in the Virtual World

Creating the next level of immersion in spatial computing by adding a new dimensional paradigm—interspatial.

Sensors as a Platform

We’ve made many products with our foundational technology. Together we can keep building.

What can we help you build?